Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Goodbye, Dr. Don

Okay, he had nothing to do with liberal radio, but he was one of the funniest damn air personalities in broadcast history. Dr. Don Rose had a way of making the absolute worst one liners (which he fired off in heavy rapid succession complete with non-stop outrageous sound effects) make listeners keel over in gut-busting laughter. I listened to him occasionally when I was growing up in Northern California (though I was more of an Alex Bennett fan), but as juvenile as he was, Dr. Don was a mad genius. He will be sorely missed.

Click the headline for the story, and click the following links to sample the good doctor at his best:

Dr Don Rose and the Weather, KFRC, 1975
Dr Don Rose, KFRC November 1973
Dr Don Rose, WFIL Philadelphia, 1970
Dr Don Rose 2500th KFRC San Francisco 1984
Dr Don Rose, Charlie Van Dyke, KFRC, 1974
Dr Don Rose on KFRC, 1978
Dr Don Rose, KFRC, 1973
Dr Don Rose and WFIL, Philadelphia, 1972

Links from Go to this site - this is how radio is supposed to sound.

Here's some more about him:

Dr. Don's official website


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