Thursday, October 21, 2004

Want to help bring Air America to Orlando? Here's a petition

From this blog:

I salute what they're trying to do, and I wish them luck, but I think they're going about it the wrong way.

The main problem is that they're targeting WDBO (580), which, according to the Arbitron ratings, is the #1 station in
Orlando. Unless they want to give the program director something to laugh about, I would recommend not bothering them with it. As long as their ratings are through the roof, they won't do anything. Cox will stay put with this station.

I'm not sure how effective petitions really are, and I know it won't work with the big stations in the market (so scratch WDBO, WTKS, WFLF and Radio Disney off the list). Try some of the weak stations in the market, and do some research on them. If they're airing oldies or third tier talk shows off satellite, contact them. I guess it won't hurt. Though, looking through the listings of Orlando stations, I don't really see many candidates. Lots of religious and Spanish formats. But I am not at all familiar with the market, so if you're interested in helping to bring AAR to your market, go through these lists:

Radio Locator

TV-Radio World


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