Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Report: Ron Reagan show up in the air

BlatherWatch reports that Ron Reagan has abandoned his radio show, hours before he was to launch the post-Air America phase of his on-air career:

No Ron Reagan on KPTK this afternoon. The Seattle-based son of the eponymous late president says he’s throwing in the towel on his radio show, effective right now.

Producer Tina Nole says it was his decision, and he has no other plans at the moment.

No further word on the show's fate, and no updates via the Facebook or Twitter pages for it. Reagan was to continue via his homebase station, KPTK, and possibly self-syndicate to his 47 or so affiliates, though many of the stations airing his show had switched to alternate programming. Other reports have claimed that Reagan had been shopping his show to other networks, and that a deal was pending.

KPTK is airing repeats of the program for the time being.

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