Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Playing catch-up

Been tending to other business over the past week, so I've been away. As for all the emails, I'm trying to catch up on all of that.

But here's what's happening...

Nova M moves in the new year

Come November 1, listeners of KPHX in Phoenix will have to do a dial dance. The format will move from 1480AM to 1190AM on January 1. The new station will be branded as "1190 Nova M."

The 1190 frequency, which has the call letters KNUV, was purchased by the group several months ago. KPHX had been leased by the group.

Taylor out at San Diego 1700

San Diego talker Stacy Taylor is no longer at XEPE (1700AM) in San Diego, according to one reader who emailed in. In his words, he's been "eliminated."

He said on his website, “When I arrived at the studio, the GM was waiting for me at the door with the news.”

DTV - 2 months to go!

Got your converter box yet? Today marks exactly two months to go until the end of the analog era in television. Come February 17, all American over-the-air television will be digital-only.

If you have an older set not equipped to pick up digital signals, and don't have cable, satellite or the equivalent, you may need a digital converter box. Luckily, your government can help. Just to to to request a coupon good for $40 off a converter box, which can be picked up at most electronics and department stores (the major chains such as Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart, Radio Shack, etc. all carry them). A typical box runs about $50-60, so that translates to a net cost of $10-20.

Read previous entries about DTV here and here.

The Man of the Year

No surprise here. Time Magazine, on this morning's "Today" show on NBC, named President-elect Barack Obama its "Person of the Year" for 2008. Who else did you expect?


JB said...

Nova M did NOT purchase KNUV. It is just another lease.

Nova M DID fire most of their staff, steal their last paychecks and much of their tax withholdings, default on their KPHX lease and act in a illegal manner throughout the whole process. Nova M's actions over the past few months are fodder for a real investigation. "Progressive" my ass!

Too bad about Stacy. He is a gentleman and a very talented host.

Keep up the great work!


FSL said...

Wingnuts: We're the good guys so we can violate international law and the constitution and torture people because it's for a good cause.
Nova M: We're the good guys so we can lie, cheat and steal and treat employees like garbage because it's for a good cause.

Man of the Year. The requirement, as I recall, is the person who has done the most (good or bad) to change the course of world events. Obama hasn't done anything yet. But given the kind of fawning, softball coverage he has gotten since the campaign started, I guess he doesn't have to do anything - just show up. When will Obama's free ride from the media end and what will it take to end it?

raccoonradio said...

Ohio Media Watch reports WVKO 1580 in Columbus dumps progtalk for religion starting today. The

WVKO site
stays up in an effort
to find progtalk another home...again.

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