Friday, October 10, 2008

Weekend reading and updates

A sort of update and rehash of some previous stories, as well some recommended reading:

First up, has an interesting article about the new digital future of Air America Media, and their efforts to compete with content-driven internet sites such as Huffington Post. One of the first ways is with web-nly content such as the newly launched video show "Maron vs. Seder." Here's a tidbit from the article:

Under a new owner, and with promotional juice from air personalities like Rachel Maddow -- also a talking head on MSNBC -- the liberal media outfit is putting its resources behind becoming a global media brand with a focus on digital multimedia and old-school radio.

"Air America doesn't view itself as just a radio company," said CEO Bennett Zier. "We want listeners, viewers, and readers."

"The differentiating that Air America views the Internet piece as the centerpiece of this new media company," said Michael Bassik, the company's new chief digital officer. Starting next month in the firm's New York offices, Bassik will guide the strategy behind those efforts, alongside the firm's head of sales, head of programming and newly-named Web site editor-in-chief Beau Friedlander.


"Maron v. Seder" could act as a trial run for other Air America shows, which will all be available on video in the future, according to Bassik. Ads on the site today are limited to display units from advertisers such as Angie's List and on-air health and beauty product advertisers, in addition to some served by Google's ad network. The company intends to offer pre-, mid-, and post-roll audio and video spots. Sponsorships and premium subscriptions are also in its revenue plans.

Obama goes prime time

With the election less than four weeks away, Democratic nominee Barack Obama is taking his message to prime time network television, purchasing half-hour blocks of airtime on both NBC and CBS.

The special paid program will air on both networks at 8P ET on October 29. The campaign is also in talks with both ABC and FOX. ABC may back out to take advantage of the opportunity to promote some of their fledgeling programming, while FOX may be airing the World Series on that night.

The half-hour buy on each network will cost roughly a million dollars, which is called the "lowest unit cost," in compliance with federal law. The same rate will be offered to Republican rival John McCain, if he chooses to go the infomercial route.

The strategy is not unprecedented. In 1992, independent candidate Ross Perot bought blocks of network prime time, and one of the airings beat out a baseball playoff game on another network.

More reading

  • Here's another article about up-and-coming Air America and MSNBC host Rachel Maddow, and her interesting on-air relationship with right-wing blowhard Pat Buchanan.

  • Rolling Stone has a powerful article about the real John McCain, entitled "Make-Believe Maverick." The article talks about McCain's less-than-illustrious military career, the Keating Five scandal, his womanizing and all the other things you know and love about McSame. Yes, it's pretty nasty. But great reading for those of you who are fed up with the desperate smear campaign being waged by him.


    Lu Cifer said...

    I'm almost shocked, horrified, and dare I say it MORTIFIED that Rolling Stone has anything of REAL substance, instead of the latest flashing of Spear Britney's hoo-ha!
    Well, about damn time they got back into the groove of REAL journalism!
    That article they did approx. 2 weeks ago ripping Karabu Barbie to shreds was sold gold!
    Now what really irks me, unrelated to your orig. post, I heard Thom Hartmann say he's on THREE new stations today (I believe most were FM's!) and not a FRIGGIN thing on AAR's site! Man, what is WRONG with them?!?!!? And, is it for real that SAM SEDER is now their webmaster (I'd do some research, but my computer sucks donkey balls!) but if so, HOW HUMILIATING AND DEGRADING!!!! I'd have told them to BITE ME!

    NYLefty said...

    Seder was the "editor" of the web site for a while and didn't do a very good job. He was replaced by somebody who's doing it much better. Seems to me it's an important job, especially now that AAR is putting so much emphasis on its web presence.

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