Monday, July 07, 2008

Goodbye Rochester?

A few blogs are buzzing about the fate of Rochester's progressive talk station WROC (950AM). Word has it that come August 1, the plug will be pulled and a new format installed.

WROC was an early convert to progressive talk, picking up the format four years ago when it initially added Ed Schultz and several shows from Air America Radio. Since then, the 1,000 watt station's success has been typical of other similar stations, meaning ratings averaging around a one share overall, but better than the lower-tier conservative talk format it replaced.

The station is owned by Entercom Communications, currently the fourth-largest radio station owner in the country. WROC was the company's first foray into liberal talk. Following the station's early success with the format, Entercom installed the format on its stations in New Orleans, Memphis, Sacramento and Buffalo. Of those five, only WROC and WWKB in Buffalo remain with the format. Evidently, the decision to flip those stations may or may not have anything to do with political ideology, as Entercom and its employees have donated money to Democrats over Republicans by more than a four to one margin.

Rochester Turning has provided a switchboard number for Entercom's Rochester office, (585) 423-2900.

UPDATE: Rochester Turning reports that WROC management has informed morning syndicated talker Bill Press that they are indeed flipping on August 1.


ltr said...

Hey, I just realized - this is entry #700! Whoo hoo!

FSL said...


Too bad about WROC. Apparently WWKB can be heard in the market but that's not really the same.

I'm sorry the activist group saw fit to publish their phone number. Please, please don't call - especially if you're out of market. All you do is make some receptionist's life miserable. I worked at a station where the switchboard was told to send all these calls to the newsroom, so the callers wouldn't bother the suits. This sounds like a done deal. This isn't Madison.

If you live in the market and really want to communicate, buy a stamp and write a snail mail letter (addressed to Susan Munn, general manager). Be polite. Ask nice. No threats (boycotts or whatever). If you patronize any local advertisers, tell the boss (not just a clerk) that you enjoyed the programming and thank them for supporting it.

Don't take it out on some poor low-level station worker.

Brady Bonk said...

That sucks. I always like visiting my Dad in Rochester, one reason being that (unlike here in D.C., where you have to go to the radio station and climb on top of its radio tower to hear anything they are broadcasting)they have a decent signal moonbat radio station there. Maybe another station will pick up some of the programming? Hope hope hope...

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