Monday, June 09, 2008

WWRL owner purchases stake in Schultz' show

The Ed Schultz Show is under new management. is reporting that Randy Michaels and Stu Krane's syndication group, Product 1st, has apparently sold its ownership interest to Access.1 Communications and its SupeRadio syndication division.

Access.1 also owns radio stations, including WWRL (1600AM) in New York, which acts as the default 'flagship' station for Air America Radio. WWRL recently added Schultz' show to it's lineup, and the station also carries another SupeRadio offering, the Al Sharpton Show.

The company recently reached an agreement to sell their Atlantic City group, including progressive talker WTAA.

Schultz' show will still air noon-3P weekdays, and its ad sales and some distribution will continue to be handled by Jones MediaAmerica.

SuperRadio is a general market syndication company which distributes 40 radio programs in various types of formats to more than 725 radio stations nationwide. Michaels, the former Clear Channel executive that co-owned the show, is now the Chief Operations Officer of the Tribune Company media empire.


FSL said...

"Default flagship for Air America?" They are barely an affiliate. Air America does not operate from their studios. WWRL carries only two-thirds of Rachel Maddow's show plus (apparently) they will carry Ron Kuby.

They also carry Fox's Alan B. Colmes. Does that make them Colmes' and Fox's "flagship?"

They don't even qualify as a full time progressive talk station. They are mostly brokered time (aka infomercials) and should be listed here with an orange asterisk (* Station carries some liberal talk programming).

Superadio has concentrated mostly on syndicating music programming (with the exception of New England rightie Howie Carr for a time). Now in addition to Big Ed, they have the Reverend Al plus lawyer Warren Ballentine. They are starting to sound more like an AAR competitor than a flagship.

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