Thursday, May 17, 2007

Seder to be guest on Malloy's show tomorrow

Now this should be interesting.

The dedicated fans of Sam Seder will be elated to know that the newly-anointed Air America Radio weekend host will be a guest on Mike Malloy's show tomorrow night. Look for it during the second hour.

Seder relaunched his website earlier today, timed coincidentally with the debut Air America's new site. And Seder's new Air America show will start this Sunday, from 4-7PM. And no, there's no word on whether Seder's appearance on Malloy's show means anything more than the fact that he's merely a guest. If there's more to it, then stay tuned to LTR to find out more.

The Seder segment will be on during hour two of Malloy's show, which airs from 9P-midnight on Nova M Radio.


Anonymous said...

Wasn't able to listen live. Apparently the podcasts on the Nova M site aren't working.
Anybody hear the show?
What happened ? Anybody say anything noteworthy? Any good libtalk dish?

Cat Chew said...

KPOJ has podcasts of Malloy's show.

Cat Chew said...

Sorry, that podcast link was KPTK.
Argh!!! I hate when I do that.
Hadn't had my coffee...

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