Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Two new syndicated shows available

According to two seperate posts on Radio-Info, two liberal talk show hosts are preparing to syndicate their programs.

Peter B. Collins has been broadcasting daily, 3pm to 6pm on KXRA,AM 540 in Monterey for the past six months. He announced on his Friday show that starting April 10th his daily show will be picked up by KSAC in Sacremento and KPHX, the new lib talker in Phoenix. He has also been a part of the defunct I.E. America network, as well as on Sirius Left.

And according to All Access, Air America's syndication division has announced that it will begin offering Clear Channel KTLK-AM (Progressive Talk 1150)/Los Angeles' nightly "THE MARC MARON SHOW" for syndication, effective Monday, April 17th. Comedian Marc Maron -- former co-host of "MORNING SEDITION -- returned to the network on February 28.

Maron's program will be recorded 3p-5p PT. It will be available via the AAR affiliate FTP site and will also be fed to the satellite at 10p ET (on the right side of the WW 1 channel).


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