Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Air America has chance at another spot on dial

Rumors have been circulating about the future of liberal-talk network Air America in the Valley. We've got the word from Bob Christy, general manager of KXXT-AM (1010), the network's home here.

Owner James Crystal Enterprises sold KXXT, Christian outlet KXEG-AM (1280) and a Florida station to Communicom Broadcasting for $20 million. The deal was announced in October but has yet to close.

Where does that leave Air America? According to Christy, the plug will not be pulled on the network anytime soon. He says Communicom will change the station's format; however, it has graciously agreed to keep Air America programs on the air until it finds a new home.

The person looking to relocate Air America is none other than Christy, who holds the rights in Phoenix.

"I can move it to a new station," he says. "I'm working like a crazy man to put together the funding to buy another station."

Christy thinks Air America is worth saving.

"This station never made a ratings book, prior to last fall," he says. "In the realm of talk stations, we're the third most listened-to station. We broke even in nine months, which is pretty amazing in radio."


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