Thursday, November 24, 2005

KRPT Dumps Progressive Talk for Texas Music

From All Access (subscription required):

CLEAR CHANNEL/SAN ANTONIO is flipping Progressive Talk KRPT to "92.5 THE OUTLAW," a music outlet specializing in TEXAS music. Listeners of sister Country KAJA's popular “Other Side of KJ” (a SUNDAY specialty program featuring TEXAS music that has been heard on KAJA for the past two years) will also enjoy the familiar voice of HANK MOON, who will be the host and MD for 92.5 THE OUTLAW. 92.5 THE OUTLAW will also feature TEXAS high school football and BAYLOR college football on weekends in the fall.

The station will be found online at

My take:

To call this station a San Antonio station is an overstatement at best. The signal is way too far outside of SA to be a ratings success in any format (it bombed in it's previous hip-hop incarnation). This is not really a San Antonio station.

Quite frankly, I've always wondered why CC flipped this thing to progressive talk in the first place. It was one of those stations (like WHJJ and WHAT) where I honestly thought flipping was a very strange idea. Unless it was to keep tabs on the format in CC's home market. Or hoping that listeners were gung-ho enough about the format that they'd put up with the static.

This 'Texas Outlaw' format, whatever that is, sounds intriguing, and a better format for it's area of coverage. The flip does not affect another San Antonio rimshot, AAR affiliate KTXX (KRPT did not air any AAR programming, save for Jerry Springer).


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