Thursday, October 13, 2005

KXXT/Phoenix sold

Not sure if this means that liberal talk may have to find a new home in Phoenix. Communicom currently owns a station in New Orleans, which airs religious programming and infomercials. Not much is known about Communicom, though they did contribute to a Republican congressman in California, for what it's worth. KXXT may just stay as-is, as they are actually doing better in the ratings than they possibly could with any other format.

Stay tuned.

James Crystal Enterprises Sells Trio Of AMs To Communicom

Communicom Broadcasting, the owners of Religious WLNO/New Orleans, have purchased Religious WLVJ/West Palm Beach-Miami and two AMs in Phoenix — Talker KXXT (Air America Phoenix) and Religious KXEG — from James Crystal Enterprises for $20 million in cash.

The deal marks a return to multiple-station ownership for Communicom, which at one time owned religious stations in such markets as New York, Philadelphia, Boston and San Antonio. James Crystal will continue to own and operate WDJA, WFTL, WJBW & WJNA/West Palm Beach, in addition to KNIF/Roswell, NM. John Pierce served as the exclusive broker in the Communicom deal.


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