Saturday, August 27, 2005

Two stations added to listings

WRVC (930 AM) is located in Huntington, WV. They broadcast local programming in the morning, and air Al Franken, Ed Schultz and the Air America feed after 7pm and on weekends. It is not yet listed as an affiliate on the Air America website.

And, of course, not everyone likes it. I wonder if this idiot complained about hate speech when President Clinton was in the White House? I'm sure you're answer is the same as mine.

And a reader passed along this link. The station is WRFN (98.9FM) in Nashville, TN. WRFN is a low-power, non-commercial FM station just outside of Nashville. They carry Pacifica programming, as well as Thom Hartmann's show in the morning.

So if you're ever in Huntington or Nashville, check 'em out.


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