Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Stephanie Miller does her thing on MSNBC

As many readers of LTR know, this week's morning slot on MSNBC has been turned over to Stephanie Miller, who is even doing her show from their Seacaucus, NJ studios.

The show airs from 6-9A ET, so the radio simulcast will actually be aired on a three hour delay for affiliates normally airing her live. Her MSNBC gig will continue through Wednesday May 2, but who knows? Maybe they'll extend it like they did with Michael Smerconish.

Anyways, if you missed it and want to see highlights, you can find them here:

Crooks and Liars
YouTube (1)(2)

MJbos at Air America Place has converted yesterday's and today's entire shows into video files, available as BitTorrent downloads (since downloading files of this size can only realistically be done via a file sharing program). You can find and download them here. In order to download them (which are whoppers, at between 314Mb and 562Mb) you need to install a BitTorrent client such as Azureus or BitLord on your system.

I'll add more video links as I get them. If any of you happen to discover any more, just add them to the LTRTube group (if they're in YouTube format) or just drop me an email with link.

And if you love seeing Stephanie Miller on MSNBC and can't get enough of it, drop them a line and let them know.


Anonymous said...

She's great. A natural for TV.
She says she's not auditioning and does not want the I-gig full time. Yet her website includes an email link for fans to write MSNBC "viewer relations."
This morning, Steph got some calls from markets like Boston and Akron, where she is no longer heard.
If she does take over the show full time, would Jones move the live feed to 6am-9am, making Steph available for morning drive in the East (possibly with a repeat feed in the current 9am-12n slot for West Coast stations). Bad news for Bill Press and the Young Turks (who have not gained much traction); good news for Lionel (Steph would clean his clock in late morning).

Jimmy said...

Come on, this is MSNBC we're talking about here, they'll never hire her for the full-time gig.

I have a feeling they'll hire one of those "I call myself a moderate but I'm really hardcore conservative" guys.

Anonymous said...

Bad news. Steph said this morning she will NOT be doing the show on MSNBC Thursday and Friday (Tucker Carlson will be on). Strange they gave the neo-con ambulance-chasing Lex Luthor (Michael Shysterconish) the whole week - and he was terrible (regardless of ideology). But they bail on Steph in mid-week. I wonder what the real story is?

MJ-bos said...

Steph said from the very first announcement that this was a 3-day gig -they didn't cut her one minute short.


Anonymous said...

Smerconish said he was getting a three day gig, too. Then it was "extended."
Nobody since has gotten the full week.
And nobody since has been a progressive talk host either.

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